Combined Committee for Bishops and Religious

In the Ordinary Plenary Assembly in June 1984, “Basic Policies and Priorities of the Catholic Church in Japan” was settled. This committee was founded as “Y2 Discussion Group” in order to implement its second priority called Y2, that is creating concrete ways of fostering attitudes of collaboration among bishops, religious institutes and societies of apostolic life toward the evangelization of the modern world. In the Extraordinary Plenary Assembly of 1997, it was renamed as “Combined Committee for Bishops and Religious”. In November 2002, the committee confirmed its objective is to realize the cooperation among bishops, religious institutes, societies of apostolic life and other entities.

Bishops in charge:
Abp. Tarcisio Isao KIKUCHI, S.V.D.
Card. Thomas Aq. Manyo MAEDA
Abp. Peter Michiaki Nakamura