Map of Catholic Church

How to Use

Please use this map as follow:

  1. Input the name of place that you want to search for, and click. → Some results will be listed.
  2. Select appropriate one, and click. → The map of the surrounding area of the place will be indicated.
  3. Click a church icon on the map. → The detailed information of the church will be listed.
  • Notes-1. Church icons are indicated only for the place you choose.
    If you want to search for the church that is far away from the initial one, please re-start from Step 1.
  • Notes-2. All information is based on Church Handbook 2018. Locations or Mass hours might be changed, so please confirm them by telephone beforehand.
    Especially the data of Amami area in Kagoshima Prefecture is not perfect due to unique address system there.
  • Notes-3. If you use GPS navigation on a smartphone, churches surrounding your current position will be indicated.

※Please be advised that we are not in the position to guarantee any information on this map service.