General Secretariat of CBCJ

The General Secretariat of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan serves as secretariat for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference and also as the Office for the Religious Corporation. Concretely, the Secretariat handles the secretarial functions for the organization of the Catholic Church in Japan, is responsible for the secretarial work of the Episcopal Commissions, and carries on contact with the Holy See and Bishops’ Conferences throughout the world, as well as with Church organizations and related government agencies. Being responsible for the secretarial side of the various committees, it also edits, supervises translations, publishes materials approved by the Bishops’ Conference, and sends bulletins and collects information within and outside the Church. In addition, the Japan Catholic Seminary has been newly integrated into the General Secretariat since the fiscal year 2012, and its offices are located in each campus.
(Bishop in charge of Secretariat) Yoshinao Otsuka

Secretarial Services Office

  • Administrative Office for Secretarial Services
  • Social Communications
  • Office for Information Resources
  • Office for Research & Planning

Department for Social Concerns

Department of the Religious Corporation

  • Administrative Office for the Religious Corporation
  • Office for the Religious Corporation

Finance Department

Department for Publications

Catholic Weekly

Japan Catholic Seminary (Tokyo Campus, Fukuoka Campus)